在一个人一生中具有深刻体魄的时期, 社会, 情感, 和知识, 变化,  贝搏体育平台中学的教师, 顾问, 和 coaches help each child navigate their journey through early adolescence. Grounded in the Student Competencies, we recognize that this journey is unique for each child.  贝搏体育平台的课程注重学生的参与和更深层次的学习, 同时也建立了一种尊重, 协作, 和道德社会. 

The design of our learning spaces encourages student collaboration. 坐在Harkness™桌旁, our 学生 have a front-row seat to develop their ability to share their ideas 和 opinions, 专注地倾听他们的同伴, 更自由、更有效地合作.
The Advisory Program is considered the heart of the 中学, grounded in the four needs that must be fulfilled if young adolescents are to be engaged.


The 中学 has a long tradition of unique programs that move the 学生 out of their daily schedules, 有时也会有特定年级的教室, 挑战他们以不同的方式合作, 使更大的, 也许还有全球联系, 拓展他们的思维和理解.

学习,探索,想象,现在. These are the elements that create LEEP Week in the 中学. 在本周, 学生被分成不同年级的小组, 给定的经度和纬度位置, 和 tasked with answering the following driving question: “How can Rocky Hill Country Day 学生 develop sustainable solutions for global issues?”


结合贝搏体育平台学生的能力 道德在全球范围内的,当 公民 一个更大的社区, connecting our 学生 with important 社会 initiatives 和 organizations that make a positive difference in our community 和 world is an important part of the learning that takes place in the 中学.

结合贝搏体育平台学生的能力 道德 和 在全球范围内的, 作为更大社区的公民, connecting our 学生 with important 社会 initiatives 和 organizations that make a positive difference in our community 和 world is an important part of the learning that takes place in the 中学.
The Empty Bowls Project delivered value from student learning to develop a replicable service that can grow. Students generated impact for a local food pantry by developing nutritious recipes for those utilizing the pantry in this interdisciplinary study of poverty 和 food insecurity. 美术老师, Rachel Armentano received the Rhode Isl和 Art Education Association’s 中学-Level Art Educator of the Year for 2015.
A highlight of 学生’ 8th grade year is the trip to Quebec City where they explore this historic, 这个讲法语的城市在冬天充满了荣耀. 文化和历史经验丰富, 包括参观魁北克老城, 品尝地方美食, 冒着严寒,玩一个有趣的油管之夜, 让它成为一次难忘的冒险!


实地考察的范围从沿海栖息地, 工程实验室, 国家会议和艺术画廊

Each winter the 7th-grade class spends three days 和 two nights at Nature’s Classroom in Charlton, 马萨诸塞州的冬季生态学研究. 作为环境教育的一部分, 学生 look at ways in which organisms have adapted to the harsh conditions of a New Engl和 winter.
每年, 六年级学生前往詹姆斯敦, RI to study the diverse rock formations that span hundreds of millions of years of geologic history.

等级3 - 5

Our 学生 transition from the early childhood years to the intermediate elementary grades where they begin focusing on, 变得更有责任感, 支持他们取得学业成功所需的学习技能. 对他们的学习风格有了更深刻的理解, 感兴趣的领域, 和社会意识, 学生

  • demonstrate a deeper underst和ing of our student competencies 和 the importance of our school values
  • 认为更关键的是, 进一步联系, 在社交和智力上都能伸展自己
  • are empowered to take on leadership roles within our 较低的学校 community 和 serve as role models 和 mentors for our younger 学生

The 5th grade year serves as the culmination of the elementary school experience 和 begins the process of transitioning 学生 into our 中学.


Rocky Hill Country Day’s By-the-Bay Preschool serves the 情感, 社会, 认知, 有创意的, 以及3到5岁孩子的生理需求. 贝搏体育平台培育和安全的环境鼓励

  • 发现  
  • 开放式的学习经验
  • integrated activities designed to foster a sense of wonder 和 excitement about the world in which children live

While offering challenging developmentally appropriate learning activities, 学生

  • develop 和 enhance self-help, readiness 和 社会-情感 skills
  • develop a sense of independence, self-reliance, 和 self-confidence
  • learn 和 work cooperatively in a small community of children 和 adults

Appropriate readiness assessments provide beneficial information to ensure the most holistic educational 和 社会-情感 goals for our 学生. Students entering our Preschool must be 3 years of age by September 1, vaccinated, 和 potty trained.


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